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/* portability-macros header prefix */

#if !defined(_MSC_VER)
#define LONGLONG long long

/* Windows requires a __declspec(dllexport) tag, etc */
#if defined(_WIN32)
#    define DLLEXPORT __declspec(dllexport)
#    define STDCALL __stdcall
/*#    define INT8 __int8*/
#    define DLLEXPORT
#    define STDCALL
#    define INT8 char

#ifdef __cplusplus
#    define EXTERN_C extern "C"
#    define EXTERN_C

#if defined(_WIN32)
#    include <windows.h>
#    include <process.h>
#if defined(_MSC_VER)
#      include <intrin.h>

/* end of portability-macros section */

#define DDS_VERSION           20001 /* Version 2.0.1. Allowing for 2 digit
                              minor versions */
/*#define SIMILARITYTEST*/          /* Uncomment the SIMILARITYTEST definition to
                              reuse the transposition table contents when the
                              deal in the preceding SolveBoard call is similar to 
                              the current deal. */
/*#define BENCH*/

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <time.h>
/*#include <cassert>*/
#include <math.h>

/*#define STAT*/  /* Define STAT to generate a statistics log, stat.txt */
/*#define TTDEBUG*/     /* Define TTDEBUG to generate transposition table debug information.
                                    Only for a single thread! */

#ifdef  TTDEBUG
#define SEARCHSIZE  20000
#define SEARCHSIZE  1

#define CANCELCHECK  200000

#if defined(INFINITY)
#    undef INFINITY
#define INFINITY    32000


#define MAXNODE     1
#define MINNODE     0

#define TRUE        1
#define FALSE       0

#define MOVESVALID  1

#define NSIZE     100000
#define WSIZE   100000
#define LSIZE   20000
#define NINIT     250000/*400000*/
#define WINIT     700000/*1000000*/
#define LINIT     50000


#define MAXNOOFBOARDS         20

#define Max(x, y) (((x) >= (y)) ? (x) : (y))
#define Min(x, y) (((x) <= (y)) ? (x) : (y))

/* "hand" is leading hand, "relative" is hand relative leading
The handId macro implementation follows a solution 
by Thomas Andrews. 
All hand identities are given as
0=NORTH, 1=EAST, 2=SOUTH, 3=WEST. */

#define handId(hand, relative) (hand + relative) & 3

struct gameInfo  {          /* All info of a particular deal */
  /*int vulnerable;*/
  int declarer;
  /*int contract;*/
  int leadHand;
  int leadSuit;
  int leadRank;
  int first;
  int noOfCards;
  unsigned short int suit[4][4];
    /* 1st index is hand id, 2nd index is suit id */

struct moveType {
  unsigned char suit;
  unsigned char rank;
  unsigned short int sequence;          /* Whether or not this move is
                                        the first in a sequence */
  short int weight;                     /* Weight used at sorting */

struct movePlyType {
  struct moveType move[14];             
  int current;
  int last;

struct highCardType {
  int rank;
  int hand;

struct futureTricks {
  int nodes;
  #ifdef BENCH
  int totalNodes;
  int cards;
  int suit[13];
  int rank[13];
  int equals[13];
  int score[13];

struct deal {
  int trump;
  int first;
  int currentTrickSuit[3];
  int currentTrickRank[3];
  unsigned int remainCards[4][4];

struct pos {
  unsigned short int rankInSuit[4][4];   /* 1st index is hand, 2nd index is
                                        suit id */
  int orderSet[4];
  int winOrderSet[4];
  int winMask[4];
  int leastWin[4];
  unsigned short int removedRanks[4];    /* Ranks removed from board,
                                        index is suit */
  unsigned short int winRanks[50][4];  /* Cards that win by rank,
                                       indices are depth and suit */
  unsigned char length[4][4];
  char ubound;
  char lbound;
  char bestMoveSuit;
  char bestMoveRank;
  int first[50];                 /* Hand that leads the trick for each ply*/
  int high[50];                  /* Hand that is presently winning the trick */
  struct moveType move[50];      /* Presently winning move */              
  int handRelFirst;              /* The current hand, relative first hand */
  int tricksMAX;                 /* Aggregated tricks won by MAX */
  struct highCardType winner[4]; /* Winning rank of the trick,
                                    index is suit id. */
  struct highCardType secondBest[4]; /* Second best rank, index is suit id. */

struct posSearchType {
  struct winCardType * posSearchPoint; 
  LONGLONG suitLengths;
  struct posSearchType * left;
  struct posSearchType * right;

struct nodeCardsType {
  char ubound;    /* ubound and
                  lbound for the N-S side */
  char lbound;
  char bestMoveSuit;
  char bestMoveRank;
  char leastWin[4];

struct winCardType {
  int orderSet;
  int winMask;
  struct nodeCardsType * first;
  struct winCardType * prevWin;
  struct winCardType * nextWin;
  struct winCardType * next;

struct evalType {
  int tricks;
  unsigned short int winRanks[4];

struct relRanksType {
  int aggrRanks[4];
  int winMask[4];

struct adaptWinRanksType {
  unsigned short int winRanks[14];

struct ttStoreType {
  struct nodeCardsType * cardsP;
  char tricksLeft;
  char target;
  char ubound;
  char lbound;
  unsigned char first;
  unsigned short int suit[4][4];

struct card {
  int suit;
  int rank;

struct boards {
  int noOfBoards;
  struct deal deals[MAXNOOFBOARDS];
  int target[MAXNOOFBOARDS];
  int solutions[MAXNOOFBOARDS];
  int mode[MAXNOOFBOARDS];

struct solvedBoards {
  int noOfBoards;
  int timeOut;
  struct futureTricks solvedBoard[MAXNOOFBOARDS];

struct paramType {
  int noOfBoards;
  struct boards *bop;
  struct solvedBoards *solvedp;
  int tstart;
  int remainTime;

struct ddTableDeal {
  unsigned int cards[4][4];

struct ddTableResults {
  int resTable[5][4];

struct localVarType {
  int nodeTypeStore[4];
  /*int trumpContract;*/
  int trump;
  unsigned short int lowestWin[50][4];
  int nodes;
  int trickNodes;
  int no[50];
  int iniDepth;
  int handToPlay;
  int payOff;
  int val;
  struct pos iniPosition;
  /*struct pos position;*/
  struct pos lookAheadPos; /* Is initialized for starting
                                          alpha-beta search */
  struct moveType forbiddenMoves[14];
  struct moveType initialMoves[4];
  struct moveType cd;
  struct movePlyType movePly[50];
  /*struct movePlyType * movePly;*/
  int tricksTarget;
  struct gameInfo game;
  int newDeal;
  int newTrump;
  int similarDeal;
  unsigned short int diffDeal;
  unsigned short int aggDeal;
  int estTricks[4];
  FILE *fp2;
  FILE *fp7;
  FILE *fp11;
  /*FILE *fdp */
  struct moveType bestMove[50];
  struct moveType bestMoveTT[50];
  struct winCardType temp_win[5];
  int hiwinSetSize;
  int hinodeSetSize;
  int hilenSetSize;
  int MaxnodeSetSize;
  int MaxwinSetSize;
  int MaxlenSetSize;
  int nodeSetSizeLimit;
  int winSetSizeLimit;
  int lenSetSizeLimit;
  LONGLONG maxmem;
  LONGLONG allocmem;
  LONGLONG summem;
  int wmem;
  int nmem; 
  int lmem;
  int maxIndex;
  int wcount;
  int ncount;
  int lcount;
  int clearTTflag;
  int windex;
  /*int ttCollect;
  int suppressTTlog;*/
  struct relRanksType * rel;
  struct adaptWinRanksType * adaptWins;
  LONGLONG suitLengths;
  struct posSearchType *rootnp[14][4];
  struct winCardType **pw;
  struct nodeCardsType **pn;
  struct posSearchType **pl;
  struct nodeCardsType * nodeCards;
  struct winCardType * winCards;
  struct posSearchType * posSearch;
  /*struct ttStoreType * ttStore;
  int lastTTstore;*/
  unsigned short int iniRemovedRanks[4];

  int nodeSetSize; /* Index with range 0 to nodeSetSizeLimit */
  int winSetSize;  /* Index with range 0 to winSetSizeLimit */
  int lenSetSize;  /* Index with range 0 to lenSetSizeLimit */


#if defined(_WIN32)
extern CRITICAL_SECTION solv_crit;

extern struct localVarType localVar[MAXNOOFTHREADS];
extern struct gameInfo game;
extern int newDeal;
extern struct gameInfo * gameStore;
extern struct pos position, iniPosition, lookAheadPos;
extern struct moveType move[13];
extern struct movePlyType movePly[50];
extern struct searchType searchData;
extern struct moveType forbiddenMoves[14];  /* Initial depth moves that will be 
                                     excluded from the search */
extern struct moveType initialMoves[4];
extern struct moveType highMove;
extern struct moveType * bestMove;
extern struct winCardType **pw;
extern struct nodeCardsType **pn;
extern struct posSearchType **pl;

extern int * highestRank;
extern int * counttable;
extern struct adaptWinRanksType * adaptWins;
extern struct winCardType * temp_win;
extern unsigned short int bitMapRank[16];
extern unsigned short int relRankInSuit[4][4];
extern int sum;
extern int score1Counts[50], score0Counts[50];
extern int c1[50], c2[50], c3[50], c4[50], c5[50], c6[50], c7[50],
  c8[50], c9[50];
extern int nodeTypeStore[4];            /* Look-up table for determining if
                                        node is MAXNODE or MINNODE */
extern int lho[4], rho[4], partner[4];                                        
extern int trumpContract;
extern int trump;
extern int nodes;                       /* Number of nodes searched */
extern int no[50];                      /* Number of nodes searched on each
                                        depth level */
extern int payOff;
extern int iniDepth;
extern int treeDepth;
extern int tricksTarget;                /* No of tricks for MAX in order to
                                        meet the game goal, e.g. to make the
                                        contract */
extern int tricksTargetOpp;             /* Target no of tricks for MAX
                                        opponent */
extern int targetNS;
extern int targetEW;
extern int handToPlay;
extern int searchTraceFlag;
extern int countMax;
extern int depthCount;
extern int highHand;
extern int nodeSetSizeLimit;
extern int winSetSizeLimit;
extern int lenSetSizeLimit;
extern int estTricks[4];
extern int recInd; 
extern int suppressTTlog;
extern unsigned char suitChar[4];
extern unsigned char rankChar[15];
extern unsigned char handChar[4];
extern int cancelOrdered;
extern int cancelStarted;
extern int threshold;
extern unsigned char cardRank[15], cardSuit[5], cardHand[4];
extern unsigned char cardSuitSds[5];
extern struct handStateType handState;
extern int totalNodes;
extern struct futureTricks fut, ft;
extern struct futureTricks *futp;
extern char stri[128];

extern FILE *fp, /**fp2, *fp7, *fp11,*/ *fpx;
  /* Pointers to logs */

extern struct ttStoreType * ttStore;
extern int lastTTstore;
extern int ttCollect;
extern int suppressTTlog;

EXTERN_C DLLEXPORT int STDCALL SolveBoard(struct deal dl, 
  int target, int solutions, int mode, struct futureTricks *futp, int threadIndex);

#if defined(_WIN32)
EXTERN_C DLLEXPORT int STDCALL CalcDDtable(struct ddTableDeal tableDeal, 
  struct ddTableResults * tablep);

void InitStart(void);
void InitGame(int gameNo, int moveTreeFlag, int first, int handRelFirst, int thrId);
void InitSearch(struct pos * posPoint, int depth,
  struct moveType startMoves[], int first, int mtd, int thrId);
int ABsearch(struct pos * posPoint, int target, int depth, int thrId);
void Make(struct pos * posPoint, unsigned short int trickCards[4], 
  int depth, int thrId);
int MoveGen(struct pos * posPoint, int depth, int thrId);
void InsertSort(int n, int depth, int thrId);
void UpdateWinner(struct pos * posPoint, int suit);
void UpdateSecondBest(struct pos * posPoint, int suit);
int WinningMove(struct moveType * mvp1, struct moveType * mvp2, int thrId);
int AdjustMoveList(int thrId);
int QuickTricks(struct pos * posPoint, int hand, 
      int depth, int target, int *result, int thrId);
int LaterTricksMIN(struct pos *posPoint, int hand, int depth, int target, int thrId); 
int LaterTricksMAX(struct pos *posPoint, int hand, int depth, int target, int thrId);
struct nodeCardsType * CheckSOP(struct pos * posPoint, struct nodeCardsType
  * nodep, int target, int tricks, int * result, int *value, int thrId);
struct nodeCardsType * UpdateSOP(struct pos * posPoint, struct nodeCardsType
  * nodep);  
struct nodeCardsType * FindSOP(struct pos * posPoint,
  struct winCardType * nodeP, int firstHand, 
      int target, int tricks, int * valp, int thrId);  
struct nodeCardsType * BuildPath(struct pos * posPoint, 
  struct posSearchType *nodep, int * result, int thrId);
void BuildSOP(struct pos * posPoint, int tricks, int firstHand, int target,
  int depth, int scoreFlag, int score, int thrId);
struct posSearchType * SearchLenAndInsert(struct posSearchType
      * rootp, LONGLONG key, int insertNode, int *result, int thrId);  
void Undo(struct pos * posPoint, int depth, int thrId);
int CheckDeal(struct moveType * cardp, int thrId);
int InvBitMapRank(unsigned short bitMap);
int InvWinMask(int mask);
void ReceiveTTstore(struct pos *posPoint, struct nodeCardsType * cardsP, int target, 
  int depth, int thrId);
int NextMove(struct pos *posPoint, int depth, int thrId); 
int DumpInput(int errCode, struct deal dl, int target, int solutions, int mode); 
void Wipe(int thrId);
void AddNodeSet(int thrId);
void AddLenSet(int thrId);
void AddWinSet(int thrId);

void PrintDeal(FILE *fp, unsigned short ranks[4][4]);

#if defined(_MSC_VER)
int SolveAllBoards4(struct boards *bop, struct solvedBoards *solvedp, int remainTime);

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